Rappbode Dam: Restoration of Bottom Outlets and Use of Hydropower

The Rappbode Dam was built from 1936 to 1959. It is Germany’s highest dam with a height of 106 meters.

On behalf of the Talsperrenbetrieb Sachsen-Anhalt (TSB) an overall concept was proposed by EDR for the restoration of the bottom outlets. Therefore, two plunger valves were moved from the middle of the gravity dam into a powerhouse, which is newly built outside the dam. In addition, a new reservoir outlet is planned to withdraw water from higher layers.

The engineering and structural design work up to phase 4 (HOAI) was provided by EDR. Beginning with phase 5 EDR works in cooperation with Lahmeyer Hydroprojekt.

Talsperrenbetrieb Sachsen-Anhalt

Construction Period
2018 to 2020

Variant analysis
Project planning
Structural design
Technical equipment design (M&E)
Open spaces
Geotechnical specialist services
Survey services
Site supervision

Photo: © EDR GmbH