Auerberg Tunnel

The Southern Bavaria Highway Authority is planning a four-lane extension of the B2 between the end of the A95 at Eschenlohe and Garmisch-Partenkirchen. The main component of the extension is the 1,900 m long "Auerberg" tunnel, which is designed as a twin-bore tunnel. Both of the tunnel bores cross over the "Vestbühl" dringking water gallery with little spacing.

Southern Bavaria Highway Authority

Project design as part of a consortium, supplementary ground analysis, preliminary static analysis, detailed measurements and computer analysis of the crossing of the drinking water gallery, tunnel construction report, safety documentation in accordance with the German Guidelines for Equipment and Operation of Road Tunnels (RABT)  

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Rakete GmbH mit ABD Südbayern (Rakete GmbH with Southern Bavaria Highway Authority)