29.11.2021 | The new Sör headquarters will be built at Nuremberg's Pferdemarkt

A major project that has been planned for a long time is gradually taking shape. The new headquarters of the Servicebetrieb öffentlicher Raum (SÖR) will be built on the 40,000 square metre Pferdemarkt site in St. Leonhard. In mid-November 2021, the city council and subsequently the finance committees gave their approval, so that the SÖR management can submit the building application at the beginning of 2022.
The groundbreaking ceremony is scheduled for 2023, so that the new location will be able to accommodate around 600 employees of the service company from 2026. In addition to the administration, technical units will also be located there.
The Berlin office Bolwin|Wulf Architekten ( has been entrusted with the planning. Their designs envisage a three-storey multifunctional building for administration, workshops, staff and technology. Furthermore, a large vehicle hall is to be built. A parking deck will be placed on its roof. The whole thing will be roofed over by a photovoltaic system.
The operations centre will have an ecological future. For example, roofs and walls will be greened, rainwater will be collected and used, and state-of-the-art heating technology will be used.
In total, the investment will cost around 86 million euros.
EDR has been commissioned to manage this project. Under the direction of Harald Grund and Bert Leifeld, agile project management methods are being applied.

Visualisation ©Bolwin|Wulf Architekten