27.05.2022 I Tunnel Oberau: longest tunnel in Bavaria ceremoniously opened

After about seven years of construction, an important bypass has been completed on the permanently congested B2 federal highway towards Garmisch-Partenkirchen. The tunnel for Oberau was opened on Thursday as the longest road tunnel in Bavaria with a length of 3 km. In the presence of Michael Kordon, Director of the Southern Bavaria branch Die Autobahn GmbH, Michael Theurer, Parliamentary State Secretary in the Federal Ministry of Digital Affairs and Transport, Christian Bernreiter, State Minister for Housing, Construction and Transport in Bavaria, Alexander Dobrindt, former Transport Minister and Magdalena Neuner as tunnel godmother, the tunnel was ceremoniously opened to traffic. The Bavarian Minister of Transport, Christian Bernreiter (CSU), spoke of a "historic day", which means relief from noise and exhaust fumes for the local residents. EDR GmbH was responsible in planning consortium for the preparation of the static calculations of the mining and open construction methods within the scope of the execution planning.

Photo: © EDR GmbH