26.02.2019 I Tunneling work starts: Tunnel Bertoldshofen

On February 25, 2019, the go-ahead was given for the tunneling work of the tunnel Bertoldshofen. With a official celebration the State Construction Authority Kempten appreciated as the client the festive moment. Event speaker were, inter alia, Federal Minister of Transport Andreas Scheuer and his Bavarian counterpart Hans Reichhart. EDR GmbH was represented by Benedikt Sander-Kessels, Guenther Eger, Philip Limper and Robert Findel.

The 600 m long tunnel using mining techniques is part of a total of 6.3 km long new construction of the federal roads B16 and B472 in the course of the local bypasses Marktoberdorf and Bertoldshofen.

EDR was involved in the tunnel project Bertoldshofen as a planner in the design and tender phase, and is now commissioned for the detailed design.

Photo: @EDR GmbH