09.01.2019 I Ingérop announces the buyout of Rauscher Group

Ingérop, a major independent engineering company, active in sustainable mobility, energetic transition and living environment, has signed the acquisition of the Rauscher Group in Germany.

With 185 employees, Rauscher Group was created in 1985, and declared a turnover close to 21 million euros in 2018. The Group, with headquarter in Munich, has 7 agencies over Germany and two international establishments in Greece and the United States (Tennessee).

A major player in its territory, Rauscher Group completes for its public and private clients services in project management, industrial site engineering, underground works and hydraulic planning.

This acquisition is part of Ingérop’s company strategy: as of 2019 the group’s international activity share will exceed 27%.

Thus, Ingérop continues its global expansion: after having opened new subsidiaries in Kenya, Australia and Canada, as well as taken an equity participation in HPM in Morocco in 2018, two new subsidiaries will be created in 2019 in Belgium and Ivory Coast.

 « This acquisition is a good opportunity for Ingérop Group to develop its skills and expertise in Germany, especially for urban transport activity, bridges and industrial deconstruction. I am personally convinced that the development of synergies between our talented people will lead to support our national and international clients on our domestic and export markets » specifies Yves Metz, president of Ingérop Group. 

And Wolfgang Rauscher, the previous owner of Rauscher-Gruppe, comments on the agreement as follows: « Our discussions have shown a very high, common understanding in the basic entrepreneurial ideas and in the strategic orientation, so that an excellent basis for a future cooperation results. The now completed affiliation with Ingérop therefore offers me the long-pursued opportunity to continue my life's work with a strong, very capable owner who will lead our companies into a successful future in existing and new markets. »

About Ingérop:

Ingérop is an independent engineering company, with now more than 1900 people, with headquarters in Rueil-Malmaison (France). Its 2018 turnover exceeded 225 M€ with an international share close to 20%. The group works in a large scope of building activities: Infrastructure, Urban Development & Transportation, Water and Environment, Buildings, Energy & Industry. Active in more than 70 countries, Ingérop continues its regular growth in France and abroad  by following its public and private clients’ investments thanks to its independent shareholding, technical expertise and innovative ability.

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Photo: Ingerop