08.07.2021 | Business Strategy: Seven axes, four values - one mission

"Working together for a sustainable world and a better life for all."  This mission is based on the values of freedom, innovation, responsibility and excellence, and the seven axes of ecology, digitalization, talent, service, operational excellence, internationality and innovation.

Ingérop's values rely on sustainability and create attractive living spaces for the future. The focus of all services is on innovation, responsible corporate behavior, operational excellence and freedom in the sense of openness and trust in the decision-making competence of the employees.

Ingérop implements the seven axes as part of the "Vision 2025" and places the ecological and energy transition at the center of the strategy in the light of the climate crisis (ecology). The promotion of the latest technologies (digitalization) and human capital (talent), as well as the development of the international presence and the effective use of the resulting synergies (internationality), support a diversified service offering and ensure operational excellence.  There is always room for innovative developments (innovation) for the benefit of clients and employees.

The mission statement of Codema and EDR matches the values and strategies of Ingérop in France.  Shared values and visions are essential for us to ensure the success and satisfaction of all employees and customers.  They create an overarching basis for operation and identification and define the shared identity of Ingérop's companies.

(c) Lizeth Londono, Codema International GmbH