06.08.2020 | General renovation and new construction Theater Augsburg

Since January 2019, the "Großes Haus" of the Augsburg State Theatre has been undergoing renovation. In addi-tion, the new building "Kleines Haus" is being constructed to optimize the theatre's performance. Since 13.01.2020, EDR has been carrying out the schedule and cost control of the project in an engineering consorti-um with Höcker Project Managers as an external controlling authority. A budget of about 190 million Euro is planned for the implementation of the overall measure.
The entire area of the "Großes Haus", including the stage tower and all facades is a listed building. In the interior of the theatre hall, the foyer and in the cloakrooms and stairwells, large parts of the original equipment from the 1950s can still be found, which are considered unique in Bavaria due to their high design quality. The relevance of the site as a historical cultural monument was manifested by various archaeological excavations on the prop-erty.
The new building "Kleines Haus" will complement the existing building with workshops, storage areas and re-hearsal rooms in direct neighborhood to the venue and is currently in the planning phase, while the "Great House” is already partially executed. The overall measure was developed within the framework of the urban concept "Theaterviertel".

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