06.07.2021 | Renovation of the fire station 1 in Munich

Located in Munich city center at Sendlinger Tor has been the heart of the Munich professional fire brigade since 1904.

Fire station 1 is the oldest of the current ten fire stations in Munich. In the listed and ensemble-protected buildings, the department management, the management staff and five sections of the Fire and Emergency Planning Authority are housed. In addition, the building complex shelters various technical workshops, offi-cial residences, and a fire brigade exhibition. The fire fighters, which are also based there, are responsible for the densely built-up inner-city area of Munich. They handle the highest number of missions in Munich.

By converting, renovating, and expanding the entire area with buildings from the years of construction 1886, 1904, 1951, 1939 and 1974 should be achieved, that the fire station 1 is prepared to meet today's require-ments of a modern, effective and, above all, rescue service. Besides the space allocation plan cares for all necessary rooms.

The complex was last renovated in the 1970s. Since then, there has been a considerable need for restoration maintenance regarding structural safety fire protection and safety at work as well as sound and thermal insulation.

At the beginning of the planning phase, the distribution of the various functions on the entire site was checked to ensure the optimal use in accordance with the municipal target planning resolution "Fire stations 2020".

All civil works will be executed during ongoing operations, as the necessary coverage of the city centre with the forces of fire station 1 during the construction phase must be ensured.

Work on Unterer Anger began in summer 2019 with the renovation of the buildings in which the official residences and the fire brigade exhibition will move in.

The following construction sections concern buildings designed to be home of administration and guard operations after the renovation.  

EDR GmbH is supporting the project throughout the entire duration in the range of project management.

(c) Wilfried Feder, EDR GmbH