02.10.2019 I Finished: Opening ceremony for new "Isentalautobahn"

Despite several challenges relating to the new motorway "Isentalautobahn" the opening ceremony took place on September 30th 2019, one month before the scheduled date.

Political representatives and the press as well as the general public were invited. Our responsible person Florian Steinborn and his colleague Belén Pose Suárez attended the ceremony. EDR was in charge of time scheduling, project coordination and technical documentation for the final inspection and project acceptance.

With a length of 33 km the "Isentalautobahn" is part of the A94 Munich-Passau and passes through the Isental region between the junctions Pastetten and Heldenstein. The new motorway schould relieve the existing B12-road from traffic.

More than 40 years of planning and construction and about 440 mio. EUR were needed for the realisation. Since October 1, 2019 the "Isentalautobahn" is open to traffic.



Photo: ©EDR GmbH

Photo: ©EDR GmbH