02.07.2019 I Construction begins: Refurbishment of the fire station 1, Munich

The construction phase in line with one of the largest building construction projects under supervision of EDR’s project management begins this summer with the first of three construction steps: the refurbishment of the fire station 1 in the city centre of Munich, at the Sendlinger Tor.

The core of the professional fire brigade - with the highest number of operations of all Munich fire stations - had seen better days. It was founded in 1904, making it the oldest of the ten fire stations in Munich. It houses several top management teams of the fire brigade. In addition, the building complex houses various technical repair shops, official residences and a fire brigade museum.

Due to its age, the structural condition and certain functional areas no longer meet the requirements of a modern fire brigade. A complete refurbishment of all buildings is necessary and will be implemented in the upcoming years according to the targeted budgeting decision "Feuerwachen 2020" of the City of Munich.

Everything will be done during futher running fire brigade operations: as this main fire station is responsible for the densely built downtown area of Munich with numerous offices and commercial buildings, the clinic district of the Ludwig-Maximilians-University, Munich's main railway station and numerous cultural assets.

Photo: @EDR GmbH